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Weaving Community; Strengthening ties

Tahr Bazaar is proud to work with WSDO, not only because of the quality of their work but also because of the ethics behind what they do. WSDO have their main goal as empowering disadvantaged women to make their own way in the world. As such, they employ women to earn their livelihoods, but also to:

  • Comply with the principles and practices of World Fair Trade Organisation;

  • Ensure employed women maintain a healthy work/life balance, working on a flexible hourly basis, providing homework and access to a child care centre if required

  • Provide them with free annual health check-ups and arrange health and hygiene awareness camps for our members and their families

  • Enable continuing educational opportunities by involving WSDO teachers and staff in national and international training plus providing refresher courses to established workers, ensuring participation in handicraft fashion-show programs, national and international exhibitions and providing English language training when possible

  • Provide a cooperative savings and credit program, where women can save money for the future and obtain financial assistance when needed.

  • Organise educational tours to cultural sites and organisations, social programs, outdoor activities such as picnics, and cultural celebrations for festivals such as Teej and Dashain

  • Organise celebrations to observe International Women’s Day (March 8), World Fair Trade Day (the second Saturday of May), Teej (generally in late August or early September) and Home-Based Workers Day (October 20)

  • Take care of members’ children by offering scholarships between Rs 1000 to Rs 7000 depending on the family’s financial situation and awarding cash prizes for best-in-class or best-in-studies

Please support this fabulous work by visiting our shop today. A percentage of money received from your purchase will be directly reinvested to support these women and their work. Thank you.

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