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How we do what we do!

At Tahr Bazaar we are dedicated to beautiful, stylish items made ethically and responsibly. All products are traditional but with a contemporary touch. All of our woven products are made from the finest quality cotton, imported from India (mostly from fair trade raw material, but also from non-fair trade suppliers who are from disadvantaged and economically challenged backgrounds) and allo wool from nettle growing in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Tahr Bazaar works with the Women's Skills Development Organisation based in Nepal, who train and employ women artisans facing difficult and significant social and economic hardship. These include being disabled, abused, widowed, divorced, single, orphaned or of marginalized castes. All women are provided with free training on the different steps of making as well as on business management and various other skills related to making handicrafts. This support enables them to plan for their futures and to become self-supportive.

As the production process is long, a lot of time, hard work, dedication and care go into all products. First, the cotton is boiled, washed, dyed (where possible with natural products like tea, iron, copper, persimmon, pomegranate and Nepalese hops—or with Azo-free dyes) and washed again. After drying in the sun, the cotton is balled and loomed, before it is ready for weaving on a backstrap loom. In the meantime, products are designed and drafted, and the woven cloths are then cut and sewn into one of our lovely items. Lastly, every single item runs through a strict quality check before it is packed, shipped and sold in the local or global market. So, by the time our products are ready for purchase, they have run through 12 different steps and taken at least a week to make.

Please visit our shop today for your gorgeous, unique item and to support the ongoing work of our women artisans.

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