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Artisan Feature: Sita - Head of Weaving

Sita comes from Pokhara, is the youngest of 4 children and grew up on a farm which grows sugar cane and buckwheat. She began her weaving career at the age of 16 where she started as a weaver and over time, came to be the Head of the department.

Sita is married with 2 children, the eldest of which is training at medical school in Kathmandu. As part of her continuing education Sita attends evening classes to enable her to complete her high school education, something she has always wanted to do.

Sita has worked for WSDO for 25 years she too wants to see unskilled women, as she was, have continued opportunities to secure work and an income. She enjoys seeing women flourish with their new found skills and confidence in making and business.

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