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Artisan Feature: Bhim Kumari - Weaver

Bhim Kumari was born in the Kaski district of Nepal and is the eldest of 3 children. Bhim Kumari married aged 17 but sadly her husband went missing during the Maoist rebellion in Nepal (1996-2006) and she has not heard from him since. After the Civil War ended Bhim Kumari relocated to Pokhara and found work at WSDO as a weaver, work she could undertake from home which was useful as she was bringing up her young son at the time. She continues to work from home, visiting the main branch office weekly to collect materials and drop off finished items.

Bhim Kumari has returned to education and is currently in the 12th Grade, studying alongside her son. WSDO has been instrumental in assisting her with this new part of her life.

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